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Continuing Education at Jefferson Davis Community College

Whether you’re enhancing your current workforce skills, training for a new career, or simply want to pursue a course for leisure…you’ll find just what you need at JDCC!

Continuing Education General Questions & Answers

How do I register?

Register for Continuing Education courses by calling 251-867-4832 or 251-368-8118.


How do I pay?

Payment is due when the class meets for the first time. You may pay with cash, MasterCard, Visa, or by check. Make your check out to JDCC.


When are courses offered?

We schedule three Continuing Education terms each year. 

§           Fall - begins in August

§           Spring - begins in January

§           Summer - begins in May


What courses are offered?

Courses offered vary from term to term.  Available courses are included with Jefferson Davis Community College’s class schedule and you may also refer to this web page for the latest information.


Is there a minimum age for students in Continuing Education?

Generally, students age 18 or older are permitted to register for adult Continuing Education courses.  Students under 18 may enroll at the discretion of the Program Director.


Courses for children are normally scheduled for the Summer term.  Age requirements will be specific for all courses.  Please call our campus operator for details.


Do I need a book or supplies for class?

Usually, if a text and/or supplies are required, it is noted in the course description. 


Do I need a parking pass?

Free parking is available on both JDCC campuses. You do not need a parking pass to park.


Can I register for a class that is full?

Some classes have a maximum class size and for specific reasons, that maximum number must be adhered to. For example, a computer course may be limited in size by the number of computers available in that classroom.


To discuss the particular course you are interested in, call 251-867-4832 or 251-368-8118


Can I contact my instructor?

Jefferson Davis Community College does not release the phone numbers of our instructors.  Please call 251-867-4832 or 251-368-8118 to leave a message for the instructor.


When is a course cancelled?

The continuing education program makes every effort to maintain the schedule of courses announced in our course schedule.  However, we reserve the right to cancel courses, switch rooms, and make changes when necessary without previous announcement.


Where can I get directions to my course location?

Directions to your class are available in the library on both campuses.


If you need additional information, please call

251-867-4832 or 251-368-8118.

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